Refund Policy

Please read our refund policy and for query, you may call us

Refund Policy

By not sharing Employee concerns promptly with Remozing, The Client forfeits their rights to any refund or Remozing accepting any liability for the period exceeding the 2-week window.

Any complaint falling outside of the two-week window shall not be acknowledged by The Company, nor shall any refund, compensation or any form of liability be accepted outside of this window.

The Client will be entitled to a refund from the date they report the complaint but no earlier than that. So, for example, if The Client hires an employee in January and is unhappy with the employee’s performance since July but reports it to us only in October, and then asks for a full refund in December, we would consider a refund only for the period October-December since we were in the loop during this time period. The Client would not be entitled to any refund from the time period July-October as we were not intimated about the Client’s concerns regarding their Employee during this time frame. Hence, The Client forfeits the right to any refund for the period July-October.

Remozing does not refund any amount for the used service.

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