Any work that can be done using a computer is a part of our service. It can be technical or non technical.

We are located in the National capital region of India- Delhi NCR.

The primary difference that we at Remozing guarantee is the quality of our employees. Our employees are the best in quality which not only ensures client satisfaction but also helps us maintain a benchmark in the standards of this industry.

We are flexible with work and adapt to our client’s work whether in terms of experience the client needs, quality, communication or transparency of work that our clients might need.

We do not have any term contracts. Our clients are not obligated to avail the service for a specific duration. We only sign an agreement that specifies our company policies and the laws.

Apart from the resource who is working for you, you will have the direct access to company HR team. Any concern and dissatisfaction can be raised with the HR team and the HR will either resolve the issue for you or provide you a replacement of employee without any additional cost.

You can connect with your employee via Email, company phone extension, Skype Video and audio calls or any other cloud medium that you might want to prefer.

There is no limit to the employees you can hire.

You pay only one clubbed cost each month for using all the skillsets your project might need. You do not make separate payments for each skillset.

We have a price range for each skillset but the specific cost depends on the number of experience you need in your resource, their salary and their educational background.

There is no limit to the number of interviews or tests you wish to conduct with the candidates. We want you to be very sure and confident of the staff you are hiring.

Typically, all our employees work in an overlapping shift that gives them certain Indian and some your local hours of work but if you want your employee to work only as per your local time, we are happy to take the request.

Afull time employee works for you 8 hours in a day(176 hours in a month), 5 days a week(Mondays through Fridays) and a part time employee works 4 hours in a day(88 hours in a month), 5 days a week(Mondays through Fridays)

Just like how you would pay a salary on a monthly basis if you were to hire a local employee. It works in similar manner just that we are prepaid monthly rolling service. The invoices are raised on the 1st of every month on pro rata basis.

For Example: If you start the service on 15th March, you make the first payment upfront and start the service. The invoice will be for 30 days. On 15th April you will get the 2nd invoice for 15 days(15th April to 30th April). The next invoice will be sent on 1st May and thus making the invoice date the first of every month.

You not only save cost by hiring an employee at 50% lower cost but you also save other costs on infrastructure, equipments, HR, admin, payroll, insurance and tax.
If even after rigorous interviews, you are still not sure, you can take a one or two weeks of paid trial without any obligation or contract.
An employee can start as soon as you want them to. As a process, once we receive the first month’s payment and signed agreements, Remozing sends you an Email within 24 hours with the start details and contact details of the employee.
An employee is entitled to avail 8 national holidays in a year and one restricted leave a year based on his religious belief. As a leave policy, an employee earns one paid leave in a month which he can either use in the same month or accumulate the leaves to use them later.
You get regular data sheets and time sheets of work done by your employee.

Remozing is very strict when it comes to data protection. All the employees that we hire signs a non disclosure with us and is legally restricted to use any of your data.

We ensure that there is no confidentially breach and thus do not allow any of our employees to work from home.

There is no other charge apart from the service fee that you pay every month. The quote that we give you is all inclusive.
No. Legally your Employee is employed by Remozing . Subsequently you have no tax, insurance or employment law obligations/liabilities. You are paying for a service, which includes: an Employee, office space, office equipment, management services, technical support…etc.
Since all our employees are permanent employees, we give them a 15 days notice period. If you wish to terminate the contract all you have to is let us know 15 days before so that we can notify the employee and adjust the invoice accordingly.
Yes, you can offer incentives to your employee and it directly goes to them.
If you hire a full time employee then he is dedicatedly working for you and nobody else. If you have the part time employee, then the remaining hours can be dedicated to another client but the 4 hours in a day is only for you.
No, we do not let our employees work from home under any circumstance to protect our client’s data. We cannot monitor the employee if he is working from home hence under our data security policy, we cannot take that risk.
We encourage all our clients to sign a NDA with us.
Yes, if you want to invite your employee to visit you, our travel agent can make the arrangements but the Visa needs to sponsored and paid(with the air tickets) by the client.
If an employee decides to leave, he needs to serve a 30 days notice period for us to be able to notify you, find you a replacement resource and ensure that there is knowledge transfer for smooth transition.
Remozing provides Microsoft Office as a default software. Any other software that your employee needs can be downloaded and used if it is free. If it is a paid software, the subscription fee needs to be paid by the client.
As per our Buy Out policy, you can hire the Remozing employee permanently and have him work for you locally after 1 year of service with MGS by paying a one time fee of USD $ 25,000. Remozing will not be involved in the hiring or VISA process.

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